Product recall support

mplcontact implements short notice dedicated customer care and product support line

Image of teamwork pictureThe UK’s leading specialist building products company had a rare and unforeseen requirement to issue a product warning for one of their ranges following the detection of a potentially dangerous fault on a small number of installations.  With customer care always their top priority, the company immediately set in motion a pre-prepared campaign utilising door drops and blanket coverage in all daily newspapers across UK and Ireland as soon as the fault was identified.

Business critical contact centre support

Recognising that a significantly higher number of calls would be received compared to the number of actual affected products, the company knew their in-house customer services team would not be able to cope with the additional call volumes.  So they asked trusted contact centre partner, mplcontact, to use their 10 years’ experience of supporting their brand, to implement a dedicated customer and product support helpline alongside their existing sales and information lines.  Agents would assist customers who wanted to check if their product was part of the range affected, or who wanted to report that they had a faulty item.  With just 8 days notice from the start of the campaign, and with the final processes only confirmed 3 days before the launch, mplcontact designed, tested and launched the contact management application.  This included training the dedicated agent team to enable them to fully handle customer enquiries, any unrelated product enquiries as well as press calls.

Dedicated agent resource

Agents for the dedicated team were chosen from mplcontact’s existing bureau resource based on their experience and exemplary customer service skills.  With the helpline available 8am to 9pm every day and peaks of call traffic expected in the evenings and at weekends, mplcontact scheduled shift patterns to ensure agents would always be available for the predicted busy periods.

Flexible capacity to handle varying call volumes

From day one of the campaign, mplcontact’s agents handled widely varying call volumes.  The team started with 37 heads, increasing to 40 by day 3 of the campaign.

As well as helping customers to check if they had a potentially faulty product, the contact management application allowed agents to book technician visits for customers, managing the in-house technicians’ diaries as well as third party contractors across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Automated data exchanges were set up between the company’s European HQ, United Kingdom HQ and mplcontact, ensuring instant and seamless updates were provided for the company’s back office systems.

This is a service for which we can all feel justly proud. Despite the complex nature of the calls, the potential for unhappy or even distressed customers and the very short lead times the dedication shown by everyone at mplcontact meant that we were able to work with our client to deliver a service they have described as outstanding” commented Rob Peat, Corporate Development Manager at mplcontact.

Business benefits
  • Implementation of an outsourced solution in just 8 days
  • Project managed by mplcontact easing the burden on the client
  • Flexible dedicated/bureau agent model to manage variable call volumes
  • Exemplary customer service provided throughout campaign
  • Brand reputation protected by skilled, knowledgeable agents.
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