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mplcontact provides reception and telephone answering services for business services company

Image of BMD Global logoBMD Global are a team of six people and a successful medium sized Business Management and Development/Training Company.

Due to training and consultancy commitments, the team are always out visiting clients for much of the time, focussing on both generating revenue and building on their customer relationships.

However, BMD Global recognise that while the team is out of the office, the calls they miss might mean lost business and a damaged reputation – something which is critical in this very competitive market place. Whilst they could not justify further investment in additional in-house resources, they still needed to convey the highest levels of professionalism and continually sell their image in the market; they needed to have a personalised call handling service with all calls answered in the company name and with confidence.

Dealing with mplcontact means peace of mind for BMD Global in that we know there is a professional team behind us – projecting the image of the company, the service and the brand. 

Messages are instantly emailed and texted at the same time – which means we can be kept informed of any enquiries or general calls from customers/prospects, wherever we are. This means we can respond very quickly and the customer has had their call handled to their immediate satisfaction.

We love the flexibility of the service in that we can switch it on and off to suit our movements. We also use the default service of “Divert to mplcontact,” When the ‘phones are not answered or if the lines are busy. This again gives us peace of mind in that we do not miss a call if tied up with another customer/prospect.

“In summary, we think mplcontact is a very professional and friendly company to deal with and has the flexibility of service to help BMD Global project the right and most professional corporate company image to the market.”

Tony Armstrong, Managing Director of BMD Global

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