mplcontact provides 24/7 complete customer service package for BioEden

Image of BioEden LogoBioEden, the world’s first biobank storing living stem cells from teeth, was founded in 2006 in Austin, Texas and now has stem cell processing labs in both the UK and USA serving customers across the world.  When the company launched the biobank facility in the UK in 2013, it reviewed how best to provide customer support for what can be a very emotive process and chose to work with a contact centre solutions provider with the scalability to match BioEden’s growth plans.

Multichannel customer care

mplcontact were initially approached to provide ‘phone based customer service facilities and to manage web enquiries as BioEden launched the service in the UK.  mplcontact agents were trained to handle new client enquiries, ensuring the information they required was despatched and any questions they had were answered using a comprehensive knowledge base on what is a highly  specialised subject. The facility was soon expanded to a 24/7 operation as BioEden received wide media attention and interest in the new stem cell therapies being developed grew at an unprecedented pace. As new customer service channels are added to BioEden’s offering, they are incorporated into the mplcontact customer service facility for consistency of response and ease of reporting on the use of these new channels.

Outbound support for BioEden specialists

As new clients subscribing to BioEden’s service has tripled since last years’ launch, the database of prospective clients has also grown rapidly and so, keen to keep in touch with those people who may not have been ready or in a position to make a decision at the time, BioEden has tasked mplcontact with maintaining contact with them. Agents with outbound customer service skills qualify their current interest, arranging for suitable additional information to be sent to them and then schedule a convenient follow up appointment.  When the mplcontact agent establishes that someone is still interested or has questions which clearly indicate a renewed interest, they are transferred directly to one of BioEden’s specialists.

Flexible, scalable contact management

BioEden’s outsourced multichannel customer service facility has been enabled by mplcontact’s bureau agent model which operates across the outsourcer’s network of 5 UK contact centres. This model, where multi-skilled agents are trained on multiple accounts’ requirements, ensures best value for customers who may be unsure of call volumes.  This works well for start-up businesses and, as in the case of BioEden, where the customer is launching a new product or entering a market for the first time. In addition, the network of mplcontact centres offers additional on-demand capacity to cope with both planned and unexpected volumes as well as integral business continuity.

Business Benefits
  • Flexible capacity contact centre support for BioEden’s multichannel customer service provision
  • Round-the-clock customer service care
  • Knowledgeable agents on hand to manage follow-up activity
  • End to end reporting on the contact centres performance and the channels currently in use

“Throughout the years I have worked with mplcontact on different projects they have maintained a very high quality of service and have always been consistent in providing flexible and professional support to my business needs. This is why I decided to use their services again when I joined BioEden; they were the perfect choice for me with a proven track record of providing excellent service at competitive prices. I anticipate that the partnership between BioEden and mplcontact will continue to grow in the future.”

Tony Veverka, CEO, BioEden

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