The West Brom

mplcontact provides 24/7 call centre services to the West Bromwich Building SocietyImage of The West Brom logo

mplcontact are delighted to support the Society’s in-house customer services team. We assist the Building Society with overflow product and services enquiries, as well as general customer service queries. We also help The West Brom with a number of specific campaigns and ‘best buy’ generated enquiries.

mplcontact are well-suited to handle the communication involved in specific campaigns because we can assign a certain number of agents to this task, keeping records of findings and results that have been gathered from your customers.

The West Brom is the leading regional building society in the Black Country and Birmingham and the 7th largest in the UK with some 487,000 members.

The Society is a major provider of financial products and services, notably savings, investments, and prime residential mortgages, and is renowned across the UK for its services. The Society has an extensive network of branches across the Black Country and Birmingham in particular, as well as having an important presence in mid-Wales and Shropshire.

The Society was formed as a mutual organisation – owned and run for the benefit of its members – on St George’s Day in 1849 by 20 local citizens, with the aim of helping people to better themselves through savings while also giving them the added security of owning their own homes – something that is even more difficult in this economic climate.

mplcontact are proud to offer their support to a company that are so highly regarded amongst the building society sector.

Regardless of business size, if your company could use a hand with any of your outsourcing services, mplcontact are more than happy to offer their expert advice and let you know the options that would best suit your company.

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