Streamline your business and concentrate on your core competencies

mplcontact have helped businesses to grow for more than twenty years, by taking over tasks such as your phone services and communication, allowing you to focus on other things. By getting to know your company and your services, mplcontact will become your contact centre, working as a part of your business and handling all aspects of communication.

Outsource your contact centre to our professional, expert and high quality team.  

Looking after customers is what we do and you will be safe in our hands. We will give you complete peace of mind and save you valuable time and money.

By outsourcing your contact centre, it allows you to focus on running your business without having excess distractions or stress. There are many benefits to utilising our specialist team instead of operating your own call centre:

  • Working with mplcontact will remove all concerns about managing staff, space, facilities and technologies – simply use ours instead.
  • There is no need to outlay an investment in contact centre technology – we have done that for you.
  • It is more cost effective and having flexible staffing models also allows you to maximise your profitability.
  • We have disaster recovery plans in place – for complete peace of mind.
  • We are customer experts – ensuring your prospects and customers receive the perfect customer experience.
  • We operate best practice procedures in a call centre environment so you benefit from expert and robust: –
    • Reporting
    • Telephoning
    • Resource planning
    • Quality management
    • Staff training

If there are any services that you need help with, or would like us to manage for you, please contact us and we will help you find a solution.

If you are considering an outsourced call centre solution, please contact Siobhain on 0800 0835 159.