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mplcontact is the trusted call handling partner for over 1000 clients from some of the best known brands to small business and our agents support them all

Image of Janet - one of mplcontact's team leaders

Janet – one of mplcontact’s team leaders

We are very proud of the fact that our staff attrition rates are significantly lower than the industry average and we attribute this to our training, team working and the fact that our contact centres are smaller than the industry norm, making them pleasant places to work which require fewer tiers of management.

This continuing investment in our network and, most importantly, in our agents helps us to provide a consistently high quality of call handling services to all clients, large and small, whether they use us for ad hoc reception cover, seasonal campaign support or for complex technical helpdesk solutions.

Image of mplcontact customer service agent

Emma – one of our long-serving customer service agents

The technology we use in our contact centres is designed to make all the decision making within a call as easy as possible for our agents. The flow of questions they ask and the information they need to take is automated as are database updates, system reminders, message delivery and prompts for checking spellings, email address and telephone numbers.

This degree of guidance significantly reduces the stress on our agents, enabling them to concentrate on the softer skills involved in call handling.  It also means we can quickly start work on new services, short term campaign-based work as well as business continuity cover for our clients.

All mplcontact agents are comprehensively trained before commencing work for any client and this training is a well defined process developed by our Training Manager.

Image of Agent Gordon

Gordon – another of our experienced agents

Each agent is helped to achieve our high standards, both during their initial training and on-going, through an established routine of mentoring, reviewing of call recordings, side by side monitoring, customer feedback, silent monitoring and refresher sessions.

Much of this training is delivered using high levels of participation and multi-media tools.  Agents have the opportunity, and are actively encouraged, to gain NVQ qualifications in Customer Service Level 2 and Contact Centre Operations Level 2.

“Being an mplcontact agent makes you feel you are part of a forward moving company, always growing and evolving. This, in turn, keeps the job fresh, exciting and challenging with no two days the same”

Libby, mplcontact agent with 5 years+ experience

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